Grow your business through special occasions & neighborhood targeting.

Send personalized postcards to celebrate special occasions or target a desired neighborhood with Celebration Mailers 

Reach the Right Consumers
at the Right Time


Birthdays are the most popular occasion for a Celebration Mailer. With a birthday mailer, you can choose to target by gender, age, household income, and geographical area. We have all the lists!

Every card is personalized with the recipient’s name. Consumers have hundreds of places to choose from to celebrate their birthday. Celebration Mailers helps them choose your business.

 Birthday mailers are perfect for you! Consumers spend more money celebrating their birthday at restaurants. They eat more and drink more which creates a larger ticket. They also usually celebrate with a party of 4 or more which will most likely bring you a new guest. The personalized cards bring high revenue, create customer loyalty, and bring you new clients.

birthday celebration mailer
neighborhood radius mailer

Neighborhood Radius

Neighborhood radius cards help a business target specific neighborhoods. This is a great fit for home improvement companies who want to win more customers in neighborhoods where they are already working. You will reach prospective customers with similar demographics and likely the same needs. The program also works great for any business that wants to gain business from a particular area.

New Neighbor

Did you know 70-90% of new move-ins are families new to the area? These homeowners spend more on goods and services in their first six months than established residents. New Neighbor cards are great for welcoming these movers early, so they can become a loyal, repeat customers.

new neighbor postcard

Personalized & Highly Targeted Direct Mail

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Every Postcard is Personalized

The large full color 5.5”x8.5” card has the recipient’s name on the front and back of the card. A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language. This creates an immediate connection to your business, and your card will sure to be seen.

Single family homes in Traveler's Rest can be targeted with Celebration Mailers — a direct mail marketing

Highly Targeted

All programs within Celebration Mailers are targeted to your ideal demographics. You are focused on the clients that you want to attract to your business.

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Every card includes a QR code that we will generate a report of the exact demographics of the consumers that redeemed their gift/promotion. This report will provide key information to tighten demographics to make sure we are targeting your most profitable audience.

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Since the cards are highly targeted by your ideal demographics you don’t have to mail out a lot of postcards. The programs start with minimums as low as 200 to 400 cards per mailing.

Businesses We Serve

Win New Customers with Celebration Mailers


1. Contact Us

We will take the time to learn about your business and your needs. We will then create a plan to achieve the goals.

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2. Get a Custom Ad

Our artist will design a custom ad that fits your brand and will you help achieve your business goals.


3. Grow Your Business

Your postcard will be delivered to your targeted audience.

birthday direct mail marketing piece

We have had such a good response from our Birthday Post cards that we have sent out to the community, that Jennifer and David introduced is to.  We have gained a huge amount of New Customers that have not been to the restaurant in years and or have never been at all.

The Best response is the phone calls Thanking Us for the Card and the customers coming in and enjoying their celebration meal with us here at Lakeview.

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