Make an emotional, cost-effective connection.

The right postcard can bring customers to your door, brick-and-mortar shop, webpage, and get your phone ringing. 

Customer Acquisition

Direct Mail is tangible and has a longer shelf life than email, which users often forget or delete seconds after opening. A piece of mail with a strong offer might sit on a desk or a kitchen counter for days — even weeks — after your target first glances at it. Because it can be held and touched, it conveys emotion and inspires action in a way that screentime can’t.

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Why Direct Mail Works:

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Direct mail is not easily missed.

It’s easy to miss or ignore an email or web ad. The large postcard in the mailbox customers have to physically touch is not as easy to overlook. Even if the mail piece is promptly discarded the viewer still had to acknowledge it. When done properly, a good direct mail piece will stand out in a crowded mailbox, grab the customer’s attention and entice them to act. The Palmetto Trend postcards are a beautiful full color 5”x8.5” card stock.

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Direct mail has a longer shelf life.

Direct mail has the longest known shelf life than any other marketing medium. It can last up to a few weeks.

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Direct mail generates immediate results.

Direct mail from a local business is more trustworthy than a digital ad. It creates a personal feeling and connection between the consumer and business. With the right call to action on the postcard you will see an immediate response.

Greenville restuarant gets new customers with Celebration Mailer offer

Direct mail is cost-effective.

Palmetto Trend postcards are the most economical cards in the market. The postcards are around half the price of other solo postcards.

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1. Contact Us

We will take the time to learn about your business and your needs. We will then create a plan to achieve the goals.

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2. Custom Ad

Our artist will design you a custom postcard that coordinates with the look and feel of your business. The postcard will be designed to help achieve our goals.


3. Grow Your Business

Your postcard will be delivered to single family homes in your desired area.

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We have worked with David and Jennifer for a long time, and they are wonderful to work with.  Their postcard program has been great for our business.  The large full color cards are beautiful and are a nice quality.  The postcards brought us a high return on our investment.  I would highly recommend sending postcards through Palmetto Trend.

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