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About Green Laundry Lounge

Green Laundry Lounge vision is to reinvent laundromat & dry-cleaning system so community can take advantage to laundry services easily and spend quality family time in-store or at-home by having pickup/drop-off service.  Our goal is to use most energy efficient washers, dryers, sustainable and ecofriendly laundry products.

To make a great community gathering location we also have outdoor park, patio, Lounge where we are offering food & drink, ipad station for kids & adults, books etc.

We want our customer to scratch-off laundry from their to-do list and spend their quality & valuable time with friends & family.

Green Laundry Lounge Founder & Part owner Jay Desai is Mechanical Design Engineer, creating a sustainable laundromat and community place was his vision. Jay cares for an environment and wanted to make sure his venture into entrepreneurship also reflects his main vision & mission toward commitment to environment.

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